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Use Bees Live for your tournament

Are you running a football tournament soon or next year?

Does this sound familiar to your score tent and pitch marshalls? How are my team getting on, where are they in the league, where are they playing next, who are they playing in the next round, how many goals have we scored...

If so, and you want your tournament to run smoothly without the bombardment of questions (and minimal paperwork), contact us about, our brand new app, which was launched at our 6th annual 6-a-side tournament in September 2021. To see the software in-action tap the 2021 Event Archive button, or contact us for a demo.

The app gives up to date scores, league positions, game times, pitches and more. Accessible via the internet, the app can be used by coaches, parents/guardians alike pitchside, without having to move or take a trip to the score tent.

Interested? Contact us via social media, [email protected] or call 07871 266995